Monday, November 19, 2012

Nooks on the Horizon

We have had a busy month in the Jeffers Pond Media Center.  Third - Fifth graders have been working on the SOS Internet Safety Scavenger Hunt. Fourth and Fifth graders are in the process of creating digital stories using Movie Maker. Kindergarten and First Grade Students are becoming more proficient in using the computer lab blog. Second grade students have been learning about different genres and having fun with Google Lit Trips to Australia and the ocean.  Students have also been enjoying books by David Wiesner, Carole Marsh, Jonathon Rand, Mem Fox, and Gertrude Chandler Warner.  AND,  I have been getting ready for an eReader roll out in the library!

I am so excited to be able to offer eReaders to classroom teachers for check out.  Starting with teacher check out is the first phase of the plan. Once we get the teachers checking the eReaders out for student use, then we will hopefully be able to purchase more and check them out to students.

I decided to go with the Barnes and Noble Nook. Thanks to Buffy Hamilton's blog and many other specialists posting their experiences, I feel this is the best route for now. We will have 10 (certified pre owned) Nook Colors, 10 industrial cases, and 10 protection plans coming our way the first week of December. I love the fact that Barnes and Noble offers support and training for the teachers at no additional cost. The teachers that attend the training will have first dibs on the devices.  The training is on Dec. 7 beginning at 8:15 am.

Another program I am excited to venture into is Mackin's Via.  Mackin hosted a wonderful informational dinner last week. There I learned how easy it is to incorporate ebooks from one of my favorite resources.  Students will have access to these eBooks soon. How they will work with the Nooks, I am not sure at this point. But the books will be available on the computer and iPads.

Ipads? I am crossing my fingers that my foundation grant came through and that we will hopefully be rolling out a few iPads in our library as well. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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