Monday, May 13, 2013

Children's Book Week

We celebrate Children's Book Week every week in the Jeffers Pond Media Center. This week is no different. However, we are doing a few extra activities to keep us excited about books over the summer. For example, we are exploring over 500 new e-books available through Mackin Via. Students are super excited about the new selections. 5th graders are sharing Movie Maker book trailers they created with their friends.  3rd Graders are wrapping up reading about Clementine and her adventures. (So far each class has given Clementine a round of applause at the conclusion of Sara Pennypacker's great read aloud.)  All students have been researching and reading about butterfly gardens. We can't wait to watch our butterfly garden bloom into action.  Finally, I am encouraging every student to create a Biblionasium account to help keep them motivated about reading during the summer.

I hope the students will take advantage of these great books and resources. I created a PowToon PSA (in Google Apps) to get them excited.  I love PowToons and hope to get students creating their own PowToons next year. I attended a Google Summit over the weekend and I am pumped up about the possibilities!

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